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In balance with his love for Visual Arts and Fashion, Luciano Sabba has formulated his mature personal style by applying it to the Art of Photography. Defining himself as Image-Maker, his photographs have undefined edges that give them both a sense of movement and tangible depth, theme-like layers add to the effect of a constant visual shifting.

This is a kind of photography that by sheer sensuosness of his models, by the dimensions and by the sense of indefinite outward expansion have the common denominator of being images filled with romantic "volupté". Often painting-like, they are designed to absorb and engulf anyone into a total hypnotic experience.

The aspects of Expressionism and Surrealism which most intrigued him in past stage works are automatism as the concept of the intuitive, the irrational and the accidental as active elements in the making of his Art Works.

From 1970s untill the present Luciano Sabba has continued to emerge with both Music, Stage Perfomances and recent photography works which constitute a visual day-by-day biography of the artist.

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